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In an effort to reach the broadest audience possible, the MESDA Journal is provided without subscription or fees for accessing its articles. Production costs and honoraria are provided by the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts at Old Salem with the invaluable support of donations from readers like you.

We encourage you to consider making a donation to the museum in the name of the MESDA Journal. Doing so will provide the critical resources necessary to continue our mission of disseminating groundbreaking scholarship in the field of sourthern decorative arts and material culture. Your donation will be used to fund operating costs for the journal and any surplus will be added to an endowment fund for the production of MESDA’s Journal. All donations are 100 percent tax-deductible.

If you would like to make a donation or have a question about supporting the journal, please contact Frances Beasley at (336) 721-7331 or Or you can send a check made out to “MESDA” with “MESDA Journal” in the description line to:

Frances Beasley
Director of Development Old Salem Museums & Gardens
600 South Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101


We thank you for your appreciation and support of the MESDA Journal.

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