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Reading Articles Click the title of any article on the homepage to read the entire text. For ease of reading, you can increase or decrease the size of the text by clicking on the “A A A” icons at top right portion of the window. Endnotes are viewable by clicking on the number in parenthesis—click on the endnote number to return to the article and continue reading. Click on text that appears in light blue for links to more information (such as primary sources, appendices, or related material on the internet).

Images Larger versions of all images are viewable by clicking on the images themselves. Clicking on the enlarged image will close the pop-up. Pop-up versions of the images can be moved anywhere within the browser window by clicking and dragging. It is possible to open multiple pop-up image windows at one time if desired. Zooming in on images is possible if cross-hairs appear in the lower-right corner of the image box (zooming is not always available in order to protect copyrighted content).

Searching Terms entered into the search window will return results from the full text of online articles and the titles of articles from paper-and-ink past issues. To search an online article, click on the title to open the article and use the “Find” function in your browser (usually located under the “Edit” menu) to locate the term within the article. To search articles digitized from paper-and-ink issues, use the “Find” function in your browser to identify which issue of the journal the term was used (on the “Past Issues” page), click on the link for that issue, choose the “Read Online” option in the left-hand box under the image of the journal, and use the “Search inside” function to locate the term within the issue.

Printing For the best printing results, please use Mozilla Firefox version 12 or newer (download available free of charge at Before printing, adjust the text size of the article to your liking (using the “A A A” icons). Then click “Print” at the top right of any article page to print out the text with thumbnails of the images. Be sure that all image windows are closed before printing. To print an image with its caption, first enlarge the image by clicking on it and then click on “Print” at the end of the caption. Note: Images that are presented online with the zoom option may only be printed to the width of a letter-size page and may result in very small small print sizes.

Print on Demand Printed and bound issues of digitally born MESDA Journal articles are available for a fee through Each volume includes all articles released for that calendar year. Links to purchase print-on-demand issues are provided on the Past Issues page.

Citing Online MESDA Journal Articles The following format is an example of how to cite online journal articles:
Sumpter Priddy, “Musings on a Scottish-Irish Desk Form in Colonial Virginia: The Scrutoire,” Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts vol. 33 (2012). Online: (accessed 28 April 2012).

Questions If you have any general questions or discover any problems with the site, please email the editor, Gary Albert, at [email protected]. Questions about the content of a specific article should be directed to the author via the email address supplied at the end of each article.

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